A true, cross platform application to securely manage all your sensitive data
Password Management

A new password management application is about to change the way you think about your passwords. The goal? Security and usability. Using military grade encryption and with the user always in control of the encrypted data, security is elevated to the hightst degree


The goal is to store your sensitive information securely. On top of the military grade encryption using AES-256 and strong hashing, all data remains encrypted locally to your application. No third party servers, no Internet


An application is useless if you cannot rely on it. The application comes with powerful backup and restore features with the option to use the provider of your choice using OneDrive, DropBox and Google Drive

Cross Platform

No platform is left out. We aim to provide native, consistent and beatiful applications that leverage the built-in features of each pltaform, enhance with our creativity and vision. Launching simultaneously to iOS, Android and Windows Phone


What makes us different
A new, passionate and creative startup in the world of mobile application development, we bring a unique perspective for building engaging and exciting experiences around mobile applications

Our core business is to create powerful yet lightweight mobile applications that will make our users' lives simpler and more secure.

  • Mobile Applications

    Utilities, productivity, security, reliability, connectivity

  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone

    Powerful native cross platform applications

  • Cloud technologies

    Cloud-based microservices for a unified and consistent experience

  • User Experience

    Engaging and exciting visuals to raise the bar on user experience

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